Q. What are the Toppers made from?

A. They are made from Polymer Clay which is 1oo% non toxic. Once the clay is   fired it is very strong and hard wearing.


Q. Are they edible?

A. No they are not edible.

Q. How long do the toppers last? 

A. If you look after for topper it can last forever, but of course they are not toys and if dropped or not cared for they may break even though they are strong, they are not invincible.

Q. Can you make anything I want?

A. Yes I can, I will make your toppers just how you want Them. You can have just the wedding couple or for an extra fee the whole family can be included, pets, children, friends, Your topper can be dressed how you like, it can be traditional wedding attire, work gear, or dressed to reflect your hobbies and interests. I can make any prop you like, you can have any theme you wish for your topper. 

Q. How do I contact you?

A. just send me a message via the contact page or you can email me at 

Q. Do you ship to the USA?

A. yes I will ship anywhere in the world

Q. What are the shipping costs?

A. Shipping is included in the price. 

For within the UK I post using Royal Mail Special Delivery so you will receive your Topper the  day after I post it.

For any other Country outside of the UK I use Royal Mail Airsure, your topper will be tracked all the way to your door and the delivery time after its posted is normally 4-7 days.