My Toppers are made from polymer clay, which when fired turns into a hard strong material.

They are 100% non toxic and conform to ASTM D 4236 (ART & CREATIVE MATERIALS INSTITUTE CERTIFIED)

They are not edible making them a lovely keepsake to treasure.

They are approximately 5 inches tall.

I work at home making each topper from scratch by hand.

You chose how you would like your topper. Nothing is impossible.  

For an extra cost you can add pets, bridesmaids, children, extra adults, bikes, mopeds, you can have any theme you wish, beach, sports, las Vegas, kilt and Super hero.

You can include your hobbies, interests and jobs, your topper can be traditional, outrageous or comical.  

Once you have placed your order I will then send you a questionaire to fill in and return to me with your details and requirements for your topper.